Singer ordinary in original paint, c 1884-85

After seeing hundreds of ordinaries with thick layers of black paint, rusted until no part can move, incomplete, fitted with wrong wheels and replica parts, it's almost incredible that bicycles like this still exist: a fully original Singer, late 1884 (or early 1885), with original paint and all parts complete.
It's almost a miracle. 

I photographed this one at the shop of Yesterday's, It wasn't for sale.

It's a 48 inch Singer Challenge (as engraved in the spring), with interesting ball bearings at the front. Look at the pictures and enjoy this little gem. With the fluted front and rear forks it's the most expensive model of that year.
Look at the pedals! The red rubbers are the originals.
The white collar at the backbone shows a red lion, it must have been the logo of a bicycle club or maybe the bicycle shop.